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"a grade-A lunatic...he's a true original-a gonzo
prankster from hell"...
"Raimi,after the splatterific Evil Dead series and
the lushly operatic Darkman, has now grown into a
filmmaker of ravishing maturity and skill."
-Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly Online

"Raimi is perfectly adept at creating true
psychological suspense"
-Kevin Maynard, Mr. Showbiz

"Sam Raimi is known for his
wildly-imaginative filmmaking style,
which encompasses highly-creative
kinetic camera work, an offbeat sense
of humor and a Hitchcock-like ability
to thrill."
- Universal Pictures or USA network
(both had the same quote)

"I haven't said anything yet about what an
impressive artist Sam Raimi is. I don't think
I need to convince anyone of that. Watching
him at his craft was the treat of a lifetime."
"NO ONE has EVER impressed me as much as
Sam Raimi did."
- Bob (don't know this guys last name)

"Why do I think Raimi is a demi-god?
His body of work,his creativity, his
comic-book vision. Let's face it, he will
probably not direct the next "Deer Hunter,"
but his work is among the most imaginative
and kooky in the biz."
- Shelly Lyons (Ultimate TV)

He's a zombie, of course, bearded, dazed and
confused, but he keeps it all going.
- Josh Becker

"I would definitely want to work with Sam again,
but we have both been pretty busy in different
areas. We have always worked together indirectly.
I acted in their shows "Hercules," "Xena," and
"American Gothic," and I've directed two episodes
of "Hercules.""
- Bruce Campbell